Eric Nilsson, The SSI Group


AI Answers to Healthcare Revenue Cycle Challenges? 3 Tips

Lots of vision is discussed — but little real-world investment.

Risk Analytics, Interpreta


Why Continuous Interpretation of Clinical and Genomics Data Is the Future of Healthcare

EHR adoption has come a long way, but how can healthcare leverage the resultant trove of data?

Avrim Fishkind, M.D., General Manager, Psychiatry for SOC Telemed


How Telemedicine Can Better Address the Opioid Crisis

3 existing opioid addiction treatment models can benefit from telemedicine.

Rahul Patel, EVP & GM, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Persistent Systems


A New Reality in Clinical Care: How XR Could Transform Healthcare

VR and AR aren’t widespread yet, but they could touch everything from medical training to surgery.

Steve Whitehurst, CEO, Health Fidelity


Tips for Evaluating Healthcare Technology

5 strategies to help healthcare executives succeed in the digital transformation

Bruce Leyton, Director, Embedded Solutions, VisionWare


Managing Your Data Supply Chain: A Holistic Approach to Data Quality

Believe it or not, healthcare data professionals can learn a lot from the IKEA horse meatball incident.

Hammad Shah


How Telemedicine Affects the Finances of Acute Stroke Care Management

Strokes cost an estimated $34 billion in the US every year. A large portion of that price tag is preventable.

Chris Byers, CEO, Formstack


These Data Security Challenges Are Plaguing Healthcare

But the industry can adopt strategies to protect patient data.

Jack Crosbie


Researchers Stop Dramatic New Side-Channel Exploit That Cracks Encryption in 1 Second

Why the finding is significant in healthcare and elsewhere.

CEO, CarePort Health


Seeing is Believing: A Real-World Take on CMS' Interoperability Proposal

Care coordination is integral to improving patient care.

C. Gourarie


FDA Appoints Flatiron Health CMO to High-Ranking Spot

Who is Amy Abernethy and what does her FDA appointment mean for health data?

Silas Inman


First "Digital Pill" Gains FDA Approval

The FDA has approved a new tool for patients with mental illnesses taking aripiprazole tablets—a digital sensor that reports when patients have taken their medication.

Linda Barney


Using Supercomputers and Machine Learning to Discover Defective Amino Acids that Cause Diseases

Tiny defects under high-tech observation could point to breakthroughs.

Michael Farrell, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Hospitals


5 Ways Telehealth Can Improve Health System Performance

Patients want telemedicine services. Is your health system answering the call?

Chief Strategy Officer, Diameter Health


Measuring the Promises of Interoperability

How far has health IT come in meeting Meaningful Use standards?

Fernando Schwartz, VP of Data Science, CitiusTech


Breaking Down the Barriers to AI Adoption in Healthcare

Survey results offer insights into AI challenges and solutions.

Sandy Masri, Associate Director, Market Research


Original Research: How Patients Are Using Wearables to Manage Chronic Conditions

Exclusive research from HRA® shows that patients are increasingly familiar with wearable technology, though somewhat concerned about costs and privacy implications.

Adam Darkins, CSO, AristaMD


eConsults Increase Safety-Net Patient Capacity by Improving Access to Specialty Care

A business case for system-level implementation of eConsult platforms across CHCs.

Brand Insights


How HarrisLogic Helped Net $30 Million Through Mental Health Jail Diversion with SAP Data Solutions

Sponsored: Dallas County saw a 4-to-1 return on its investment thanks in part to SAP’s fast, reliable enterprise solutions. Now, thousands of patients receive the right care they need.

Pavel Smirnov, CEO, Health Samurai


7 Facts About FHIR You Need to Know

FHIR could help health systems achieve interoperability.

Mary Ellen Cagnassola


New Reviews Reflect Critically on HITECH Implementation

"We gave clinicians suboptimal cars, didn’t build roads, and then blamed them for not driving,” the authors said of the transition’s nearsightedness.

Mark Beckner, Founder, Inotek Consulting Group


How Software and Retail Partnerships Can Shape the Future of Healthcare

Tech and business giants hope they can innovate solutions to healthcare’s greatest challenges.

Inside Digital Health Brand Insights


Surfacing the Right Data at the Right Time to Fight Physician Burnout

Ad: How automated data delivery to the point of care is improving physician workflow, patient outcomes and hospital revenues.

Kristen Broyles, Director of Social Media, SSPR


5 Steps to Prepare for Communication Challenges After a Data Breach

Healthcare is a major hacking target. Get ready before things get messy.

Richard P. Steelman, Jr., Attorneys, Buchalter Law Firm


Carving a Path Toward Healthcare Equity: The Surge of Public Investment in Digital Health

Patients in rural communities could benefit most from greater healthcare access. But challenges remain.

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