Is Virtual Primary Care the New House Call? Three Real-World Examples

June 11th 2021

As healthcare leaders consider how to embed telehealth into their member or patient experience for the long haul, it’s critical to examine how virtual care can lead to better health outcomes.

CMS Authorizes Press Ganey to Administer Primary Care First Patient Experience of Care Surveys

June 10th 2021

Following authorization from the CMS, the healthcare survey specialist will create methods to gauge patient experience.

Efficient Data Connectivity Mitigates Economic Impact of Pandemic

June 9th 2021

Following a checklist improves data capture, enhances patient engagement, and increases access to care.

Podcast: AI Ethical Concerns and How to Mitigate Them With Alan Payne

June 8th 2021

Alan Payne, chief information officer at Sensyne Health, discusses some of the ethical concerns regarding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare and what organizations should do to mitigate potential data security and bias issues.

Your Legacy EHR Data is at Risk: The Case for Proactive Information Archival

June 7th 2021

Unless health IT teams become more proactive, a wide range of legal, clinical and financial consequences resulting from poor legacy data management will escalate.