Podcast: Using Digital Solutions to Address Technology Shortfalls with Citius Tech Senior VPs

July 29th 2021

In an interview recorded earlier this year, Chief Healthcare Executive Associate Editorial Director Mary Caffrey spoke with 2 leaders of Citius Tech about meeting healthcare challenges with digital solutions.

Telemedicine Use During the Pandemic Less Frequently Used for Preventive Care

July 28th 2021

During the pandemic, telemedicine use increased overall, but was more commonly used for established patients and the delivery of psychiatric and behavioral health care and less commonly used for preventive care.

TURNING POINTS: UAB Health System's Will Ferniany, PhD, Says "If You Put the Patient First You Will Not Make a Mistake"

July 27th 2021

In the fourth installment of the Chief Healthcare Executive™ video series Turning Points, the retiring leader of Alabama's largest academic health system discusses the need for healthcare equity and the mission to improve the health of everyone in the state.

Make COVID-19 Vaccinations Mandatory for Health Workers, Groups Say

July 26th 2021

As infections and hospitalizations rise across the country, groups led by the American Medical Association and the American Nurses Association called for mandatory vaccinations of staff.

CMS Proposals Would Boost Price Transparency, Take Steps to Promote Safety as COVID-19 Remains a Threat

July 25th 2021

One proposal asks hospitals for input on how to measure vaccination rates among staff with the aim of letting consumers have the information.