Podcast: Data Operability Rules and Confusion with Matthew Michela

April 21st 2021

Matthew Michela, president and CEO of Life Image, discusses his company’s survey that found that most health care organizations are contributing to information blocking despite being aware of regulations put in place to eliminate it.

Health Care Facilities Report Significant Nurse Shortages, Concern About Future Vacancies

April 21st 2021

Survey responses from health care facilities across the country outline current nurse shortages and foretell of future vacancies.

Measuring the ROI of Remote Patient Monitoring

April 21st 2021

Twistle's CEO, Kulmeet Singh, says he's come up with a reliable way to measure return on investment for his company's remote monitoring software solutions.

Real-Time Patient-Reported Data Help Assess Hospital Quality

April 20th 2021

Responses collected from longitudinal surveys show how patient-reported data can help improve hospital quality.

AMAZE Seeks Better Outcomes Through Digital Health, Driven by Clinicians

April 19th 2021

AstraZeneca and MGH announced their digital health partnership earlier this month, saying it would allow them to pair a patient app with a clinician dashboard to deploy remote patient monitoring and evidence-based patient care.