Podcast: How Person-Centered Technology Can Help Children and Health Systems Manage Mental Health Care

July 20, 2021

Kate Cordell and Ken Knecht, cofounders of Opeeka, discuss their company’s Person-Centered Intelligence Solution and how it can help children and their families manage and coordinate their mental health concerns as well as the benefits the tool can have on health systems.

Waiting for FDA to Catch Up: What Hospitals Can Do to Address Supply Chain and Device Shortages

July 06, 2021

Peter Urbanowicz, managing director and co-head of Alvarez and Marsal’s Healthcare Industry Group, discusses the FDA’s new focus in addressing supply chain and device shortages posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and what hospitals should be doing in the meantime to adjust.

Podcast: AI Ethical Concerns and How to Mitigate Them With Alan Payne

June 08, 2021

Alan Payne, chief information officer at Sensyne Health, discusses some of the ethical concerns regarding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare and what organizations should do to mitigate potential data security and bias issues.

Podcast: A Healthcare Administrators’ Guide to AI and Predictive Analytics with Carol McCall

May 18, 2021

Carol McCall, from ClosedLoop.ai., discusses what’s holding back healthcare administrators from taking advantage of what artificial intelligence (AI) platforms have to offer and what the future holds for AI and machine learning in healthcare.