Healthy Bottom Line: The Critical Need for Better Communication, Price Transparency in Healthcare

November 30, 2021

Mark Spinner, CEO of AccessOne, discusses some of the financing concerns that patients expressed in a recent AccessOne survey as well as some solutions that hospitals and health systems can implement to improve communication and price transparency.

Cybersecurity Precautions Protect Patient Data and Care Delivery

November 09, 2021

On this week's episode of Data Book, Jesse Fasolo, director of technology, infrastructure, and cybersecurity at St. Joseph’s Health, discusses cybersecurity for hospitals and health systems, the biggest threats and points of vulnerability, how attackers are evolving, how to respond when there is a breach and more.

Big Health Is De-Stigmatizing Mental Health and Providing Broad Access With Digital Therapeutics

November 02, 2021

On this week's episode of Data Book, Charlotte Lee, MBChB, of Big Health, a digital therapeutics company, discusses digital therapeutic options for anxiety and insomnia, the importance of improved access to mental health care, reducing perceived stigma for mental health care and more.

Healthy Bottom Line: Why More Price Transparency Is Needed to Address Healthcare Cost Concerns

October 26, 2021

Joe Polaris, senior vice president of product and technology at R1 RCM, discussed how price transparency can increase hospital revenues and address patient concerns regarding exorbitant healthcare costs as well as the impact that CMS’ new price transparency rule could have on hospitals.

Podcast: Moving Healthier With the OneStep App

October 12, 2021

Tomer Shussman and Hila Glick of OneStep, a physical therapy app, discussed the challenges with traditional physical therapy, how OneStep improves the proportion of patients who complete their therapy, and more.

Podcast: Setting Up a Supply Chain Strategy for Success

October 05, 2021

Ira Tauber, president of Triose, discussed the supply chain issues that emerged at the beginning of the pandemic, as well as potential upcoming supply chain issues as hospitals and health systems care for an aging U.S. population.

Podcast: Getting Health Systems and Hospitals to Utilize Data From Wearables

September 14, 2021

Terri Casterton, director of Healthcare Product and Strategy at Bottle Rocket, discussed the latest Apple Watch features, the use of patient supplied data in healthcare and the use of technological innovations in healthcare.