Robert Gabbay


Why PCPs need to captain, not just quarterback, the preventive care team | Viewpoint

The health system must rethink its strategy to enable primary care providers to develop better game plans for chronic disease patients, such as people living with type 2 diabetes.

Kevonne Holloway


Courageous conversations: How speaking up will transform healthcare | Viewpoint

The healthcare community must engage in candid, difficult discussions to ensure all people receive quality care.

Alfredo Fernandez-Concha


Membership Medicine: Why Health Systems Must Take Heed of this Model to Evolve Primary Care Strategy

Membership medicine offers a way to meet consumer expectations, and the model offers substantial financial and competitive advantages.

John Wright


Three trends driving healthcare supply chain ‘reinvention’ | John Wright

For healthcare leaders, making a deep impact on supply chain costs will demand more than choices around what to cut. It will necessitate an agile response in an inflationary environment.

Carlos Meléndez


An Essential Worker During COVID-19 Wasn’t Even Human

Here are six ways that AI has played a critical role in conquering the pandemic.

Karen S. Roush, MD, MBA


High Volume Testing Solutions Offer Timely, Accurate and Consistent Results Hospitals Need

After months of tribulation, Methodist Health System found a solution to our COVID-19 testing challenge in high-throughput (HTP) antigen tests, which could be run on analyzers already installed in our hospital labs.

Walter Rayford


Sustained commitment needed to brighten prostate cancer picture for Black men | Viewpoint

Early detection is key to saving lives and narrowing the prostate cancer health disparity gap.

Merideth Wilson


Revolutionizing healthcare revenue cycle management: The latest automation and remote work trends | Merideth Wilson

Automation is becoming a major player in healthcare revenue cycle management, with the potential to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

Mary Putman


We need more meaningful metrics for patient experience | Viewpoint

While companies value customer loyalty, what people want from the healthcare industry is value for their time.

Samantha DiGrande


Analysis of EHR record use identified physicians at high risk of departure

Exacerbated most recently by the pandemic, physician burnout has been particularly pervasive. Prospectively tracking metrics in the electronic health record (EHR) may identify physicians at high risk of departure.

Shelly Disser


Why discrete data is critical for the future of healthcare | Viewpoint

Many hospital systems rely on outdated data archives. Discrete data sets are preferable because they’re detailed, measurable, and reportable.

Lenny Castiglione


When outcomes matter: Outsourced providers versus outsourced partnerships | Lenny Castiglione

Outsourced partnerships can stabilize and improve operations, leading to a greater likelihood of achieving objectives due to their focus on driving better outcomes.

Kelly Layton


Here are 3 reasons for hospital executives to leverage technology for operational improvements | Viewpoint

Technology exists that can reduce administrative waste and its hefty price tag – a cause everyone can get behind.

Ron Southwick


Women in academic medicine continue to face harassment and pay gaps

While women are making progress in faculty and leadership, too many say they’ve been sexually harassed. And disparities in compensation emerge in the beginning of careers.

Luke Rubie


In-office infusion requires careful analysis, planning and execution for success | Luke Rubie

Practices and patients can reap the benefits of in-office infusion. But it must be carefully managed, as infusion comes with substantial financial risk.

Taha Kass-Hout


The key to a brighter healthcare future is the responsible use of AI | Viewpoint

Leaders, innovators, and clinicians must work together to develop key principles guiding the adoption of AI in a way that strengthens the healthcare system and supports patients.

Nicole B. Thomas


How health systems can use AI to overcome staffing shortages

AI is the solution for assisting hospitals with managing operating room backlogs and overall efficiencies. Some use predictive analytics to optimize scheduling to slash patient wait times.

Derek Streat


Online shopping for healthcare? Why health systems should merchandise care | Derek Streat

Just as Americans are shopping online for the holidays, patients should be able to have the same convenience in finding the care that they need.

Becky Greenfield


Prepayment itemized bill audits: What’s the catch? | Viewpoint

These audits hurt hospitals’ revenue cycles by increasing administrative costs and ultimately reducing reimbursement.

David Cohen


The future of telehealth: Maintaining momentum post-pandemic

Telehealth has emerged as a significant component of the healthcare landscape during the COVID-19 pandemic. Regulators will need to take action to ensure access to telemedicine beyond the pandemic.

Dale Owen


How clinical research adds value to physician-owned practices | Dale Owen

By partnering with an integrated research organization, practices can maintain quality care while providing access to groundbreaking therapies.

Keith Loria


CarePayment’s Digital Strategy Aims to Improve Patient Experience

The company hit the restart button in 2012 when it saw an opportunity to address the affordability gap in healthcare, as costs began started to shift from the payer to the consumer.

Carina Edwards


The new frontier: AgeTech and hospital-at-home | Carina Edwards

Aging-in-place technology benefits seniors, giving them more independence, improved emotional well-being and overall cost savings. It also helps the healthcare system as a whole.

Sanjeev Agrawal


How health systems can use AI to overcome staffing shortages

AI is the solution for assisting hospitals with managing operating room backlogs and overall efficiencies. Some use predictive analytics to optimize scheduling to slash patient wait times.

Lucienne Ide


Over-the-counter continuous glucose monitors empower diabetes patients and refine clinical insights | Viewpoint

This represents a new phase of data access, where hundreds of glucose reads per day per sensor provide greater insights into each patient’s disease management.

Cheryl Rucker-Whitaker


Frontline care workers bridge racial divide, close widening trust gap | Cheryl Rucker-Whitaker

Frontline community engagement brings provider organizations and members together to better manage chronic conditions.

Bob Booth


Digital transformation is essential to support younger patients’ mental health | Viewpoint

Managing the mental health and well-being of Gen Z should likely begin with a digital tool that offers age-appropriate content and activities that meet them where they are.

LaVarne Burton


Medicare policy proposal jeopardizes care for those on dialysis | Viewpoint

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ latest proposed rule regarding Medicare reimbursement for dialysis has missed an opportunity to support the kidney community.

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