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Cedars-Sinai Medical Center gets new COO, and more | MED MOVES

AdventHealth has named two new leaders in its Central Florida Division; Kaleida Health hires a chief nurse executive; and Lifepoint Health appoints president of two hospitals.

Claudia Fine, LCSW, MPH


Why Digital Supports for Family Caregivers Are Healthcare’s New Value Differentiator

Tech-enabled support could help avoid health complications for seniors, improve the patient experience and reduce costs.

Jeffrey Sullivan


The time is now for healthcare to encourage AI adoption | Jeffrey Sullivan

Any AI partner in healthcare must support the safeguarding of protected healthcare information and possess a proven track record of innovation.

TJ Ramsey


Three tips for hospitals to combat cybersecurity threats | TJ Ramsey

Attacks against healthcare providers are increasing in severity, with hackers demanding multiple ransomware payments.

Christina Chen, MD


Health Tech Works to Lift U.S. Hospitals Out of Survival Mode

Previously thought of as “health at a distance,” telehealth now encompasses digital health access via mobile and web apps, electronic health records that sync with other data sources, asynchronous care solutions, and video appointments.

Lindsay Burrows


Talk 'data' to me: Why aren’t your healthcare claims getting paid? | Lindsay Burrows

It has been a record year for healthcare claim denials and underpayments, often leaving providers to foot the bill. Here are 10 suggestions to help providers avoid preventable denials.

Richard Payerchin


Sen. Mark Warner talks about cybersecurity in healthcare: ‘Lives are at stake’

In this interview, the U.S. senator from Virginia talks about why cybersecurity merits much more attention as a public health threat.

Gregg Church


Duplicate records hurt hospital finances as well as patients | Gregg Church

They cause problems with billings and collections, hurt relationships with payers, and force hospital staff to spend countless hours correcting errors.

Abhishek Jacob


Accelerating value-based care: Why health plans now hold the keys | Viewpoint

Health plans possess the back-end technology powering value-based models and the patient information that will empower more equitable care.

Tom Cox


How digital tools improve the patient financial experience and boost the bottom line | Tom Cox

Hospitals cannot afford outdated digital portals, poor communication with patients or a clunky billing process that puts the onus on the patient.

Sharon Carothers and Hieu Nguygen


Accessing More Holistic Health Data Is Vital for Understanding COVID-19

More innovation efforts are needed to expand the collection of health data.

Frank McGillin


Will Delayed Care Ramp Up Demand for Specialists? Key Trends to Watch

Data are revealing the health impacts of gaps in essential care for those with chronic conditions. Technology can be used to leverage a response.

Skylar Jeremias


Healthy Bottom Line: The Anatomy of a Healthy Provider/Payer Relationship

Joe Nicholson, DO, chief medical officer at CareAllies, talks about the importance of providers and payers having a good working relationship as well as tips for nurturing that relationship.

Kyle Ryan


These 3 cybersecurity strategies can help protect medical practices | Kyle Ryan

Independent practices are particularly vulnerable to breaches. But practice owners can take simple steps today to protect patient data.

Dylan R. Newton


The pandemic’s impact on medical non-compete clauses | Viewpoint

Recently, courts have been more inclined to hold that these types of agreements are unenforceable.

Steve Jackson


How digital transformation is reshaping the healthcare supply chain | Steve Jackson

Organizations that have embraced digital transformation through the cloud, automation, and AI will see additional performance and cost efficiencies.

Michael S. Horn


The pandemic’s impact on medical non-compete clauses | Viewpoint

Recently, courts have been more inclined to hold that these types of agreements are unenforceable.

Gianna Melillo


Are Hospital-Led Interventions Reducing LOS for High-Risk Populations?

Interventions aimed at reducing hospital length of stay (LOS) among at-risk patients lack consistent efficacy, according to a systematic review.

Rob Stuart


Here are 6 ways to keep your practice safe from cyberattack | Rob Stuart

If a provider or surgery center is attacked, the practice is on the hook for bad publicity, potential fines, and the high cost of remediation.

Tracy Curley


Precision medicine demands ‘just-in-time’ specimen supply | Viewpoint

The specimen supply chain needs to go beyond reacting to orders and accurately anticipate demand. The industry is just starting to do this, and artificial intelligence is the key.

Luciane Ragni


The nurse’s journey: how smart data capture will revolutionize hospital processes | Luciane Ragni

To attract and retain staff, healthcare organizations must improve the data capture equipment and systems that nurses use daily.

Jay Moore


Getting back to a healthy healthcare routine | Jay Moore

Many have avoided or delayed medical care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Employers should encourage their employees to get back into the habit of seeing doctors.

Jon Bloom


Why PCPs need to captain, not just quarterback, the preventive care team | Viewpoint

The health system must rethink its strategy to enable primary care providers to develop better game plans for chronic disease patients, such as people living with type 2 diabetes.

Mark Galvin


The next crucial step to empower consumers and create a true healthcare marketplace | Viewpoint

There are still many consumers that think that they don’t really pay for their healthcare according to price.

Adrienne Boissy


We must take steps to protect our healthcare community | Adrienne Boissy

Caring for those who dedicate their lives to caring for others is paramount. We must do our part.

David Mafe


To address the labor shortage, the healthcare industry must tap into overlooked talent | Viewpoint

Intentionally designed programs can remove barriers and help organizations win talent.

Hayden E. Klein


Infectious Disease Expert Dr Hilary Babcock Addresses Vaccine Mandates in Healthcare Settings

Hilary Babcock, MD, MPH, infectious disease specialist at Washington University and BJC Healthcare in St. Louis, Missouri, discusses the COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccine mandates in healthcare settings.

Patrick Yam


Why improving sleep quality requires better data — and better follow up

Wearable sleep trackers, when used correctly and consistently, have vast potential to enable individuals to measure the quality of their sleep. But that’s just the beginning.

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