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Healthcare Management Liability Market Update for 2023

January 26, 2023

Get the insurance knowledge you need to navigate the healthcare management liability marketplace in 2023. Download Gallagher’s Healthcare Management Liability Market Update for a recap of 2022 and a look into 2023. Don’t be caught unprepared, download the report today.

How Diagnostic Robotics Unlocks the Full Potential Value of Care Management

November 02, 2022

Diagnostic Robotics is changing how health plans approach care management. Their models seamlessly integrate into your analytics workflows to realize additional savings, improve patient care and facilitate outreach. Learn how and read a client's perspective in this whitepaper.

How the Digital Patient Journey Benefits Patients and Providers

October 13, 2022

If you can’t provide patients with the consumer-centric experience they receive from online retails and service providers, you’re losing ground. Fortunately, digital options within your reach enhance patient engagement and benefit you.

Stop and Think: Reporting Human Errors and Near Misses Saves Lives

October 13, 2022

Clinical mistakes happen every day, but when the people rendering care can properly report their errors, we can learn from these examples and use them as a guide to improve our processes going forward. In this whitepaper, experts from Gallagher’s Healthcare practice provide insights and suggestions relating to disclosure, risk, insurance, claims management and more.

7 Reasons Why Your Healthcare Organization Should Adopt a Mobile-First Patient Intake Strategy

September 16, 2022

Healthcare organizations with a mobile-first intake strategy are well-positioned to succeed in a rapidly changing environment. Read this new white paper to learn how mobile technology can boost staff efficiency, reduce burnout and provide patients with the convenience and flexibility they expect.