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Digital Transformation Playbook For Healthcare

May 20, 2022

This playbook offers strategies for using an enterprise content management system to steer your business towards digital transformation, a state where your organization can manage its processes digitally, efficiently and productively to be better organized, responsive and more agile in how it serves patients.

New HIMSS Market Insights Research Reveals Workflow Automation Improves Employee and Patient Experiences

May 20, 2022

Gain insights obtained by HIMSS (Healthcare information and Management Systems Society) in collaboration with Laserfiche, that demonstrate how workflow automation and similar digital transformation technologies can help healthcare organizations streamline the patient experience.

Patient Engagement: The Key to Reducing No-Shows

April 29, 2022

Some practice managers and hospital administrators say as many as 30% of patients don't show up for appointments. This whitepaper reveals why patients no-show and how you can prevent empty timeslots without putting additional burden on staff!

Managing the healthcare staffing crisis: Sustainable strategies to empower patients, retain staff and drive efficiency

April 11, 2022

Administrative healthcare staff are experiencing burnout at record rates. Now is the time to understand what may be driving turnover at your organization and implement sustainable strategies to reverse the trend. Here’s the secret: It’s not about finding more people to do the work. Instead, the solution lies in retaining your existing staff and helping them work more efficiently.

Health System Optimizes Scheduling with Patient Access Center Services

April 05, 2022

Learn how Einstein Healthcare Network successfully streamlined patient scheduling for approximately 700 providers and strengthened customer service for more than 65,000 patient calls monthly with Change Healthcare's Patient Access Center Services.