Sawad Thotathil, MD, clinician


How an Algorithm Helped Rat Poison Save the Life of a President

From the farm to the Oval Office to the clinic, AI must account for context.

HCA News Staff


PX: What Does Digital Health Mean to You?

What is digital health to you? A social science? Patient-centric? Our 4 KOL's have some differing views.

Pradeep Goel


The Promise of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

How Care.Wallet leverages the blockchain — and what this use case means for healthcare.

Rushi Thanawala, HRA Research Analyst


Original Research: CAR T Needs Data, but Healthcare Is Not Ready

Original research suggests that clinicians want their organizations to better embrace tech surrounding the therapy.

Kevin Campbell, M.D.


The Clinical Divide: Protecting Patients' Health Data

Physicians and healthcare executives need to take action independent of a bill to protect patients' health data.

Kevin Kunzmann


Robotic Implant Treats Esophagus Birth Defect

The robot uses sensors and a motor to control tissue growth in infants.

Roma B. Patel


Carving a Path Toward Healthcare Equity: The Surge of Public Investment in Digital Health

Patients in rural communities could benefit most from greater healthcare access. But challenges remain.

Kurt Long, CEO, FairWarning


Undergoing a Merger? Hospitals Must Consider These Security Issues

How health IT can remain strong before, during, and after a merger.

Bart Copeland, CEO, ActiveState


Advancing Opportunities in Healthcare with Python-Based Machine Learning

3 cases that highlight how Python & machine learning could optimize medicine.

Sonia Arista, National Healthcare Lead, Fortinet


Securing Digitalization Within Healthcare

Three areas that should be prioritized when working to improve healthcare digital security practices.

Joshua Claman, CEO of Rimidi


Implementing Remote Patient Monitoring: Beyond the Financial Incentives

Implementing RPM is more than a way to increase reimbursements and improve a practice's bottom line.

Daniel Addyson


Why Device Data Matter So Much to Population Health Analytics

While positive behavioral change from wearable usage hasn’t been conclusively demonstrated, the value of the data they produce is indisputable.

Sharmistha Sarkar


Analyzing the Data Analytics Outsourcing Market

What you need to know about the rise of data in healthcare and beyond.

CEO, Certified Security Solutions


FDA Weighs in on Medical Device Safety, But Responsibility Lies with Manufacturers

New tech can improve the patient experience and outcomes only if healthcare mitigates cybersecurity risks.

Luna Adler


Social Robots Might Improve Psychosocial Interventions, But Results Remain Murky

The technology could improve self-guided health programs.

Amy Jacob


Obesity a Hindrance to End-of-Life Care Access

Obese patients are more likely to die at home, with their weight often directly impacting their access to end-of-life care. Researchers surmise that health care professionals still harbor bias against such patients.

Brooke LeVasseur, CEO of AristaMD


How eConsults Are Reducing Wait Times Through Enhancing Primary Care Capabilities

eConsults have emerged as an effective method to enhance front-line primary care capabilities.

CEO, Vibrent Health


4 Ways Mobile Tech Is Driving Digital Health Research

The NIH’s All of Us program is just one example of what’s to come.

Mary Caffrey


Louisiana Health Officer Shutters Nursing Homes That Sent Patients to Warehouse, Where 7 Died

Bob Dean, the nursing homes' owner, has previously been cited by state officials for evacuating patients to a facility he owned that proved to be inadequate.



Beyond The Pill: Using An Interconnected Diabetes Management Solution To Improve The Lives of People With Diabetes

Sponsored: How Ascensia is leveraging digital health to improve type 2 diabetes management.

Andrew H. Selesnick


Optimizing Analytics for Hospitals in a Value-Based Era

How health systems can take 3 steps to implement analytics.

Brad Bostic, chairman


Transforming Lab Data into Personalized Healthcare Insights

A real-time testing solution could lead to more precise treatment and better outcomes.

CEO Tryggvi Thorgeirsson, MD, MPH


Gamified Technology Brings New Life to Disease Management

The CEO and CMO of SidekickHealth give a deep, detailed look at the development and potential of mobile apps that could change how patients approach their chronic conditions.

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