Dimitar Antov, Peter Killian


Contributor: Getting Started with Analytics for Healthcare Marketing

Antov, Deeken, and Killian return with five more tips on how health companies can catch up to other industries in their use of analytics for business.

Fernando Martinez, PhD


3 Things That Healthcare Must Understand About Cybersecurity

How these issues will be examined during a new Texas Hospital Association conference.

Kenny Walter


FDA Approves Digital Health App for Chronic Pain Management

Patients who use the application will receive personalized therapy through their mobile device.

Kurt Wyant


Automation's Contributions to the Pharmacy

Pharmacy manager Kurt Wyant projected ROI in 2 years. The actual time was 11 months.

John D'Amore, President


Measuring the Promises of Interoperability

How far has health IT come in meeting Meaningful Use standards?

Kathy Giusti, Richard Hamermesh


What Cancer Treatments Can Take from Major Retailers

People with cancer are consumers of healthcare. Should they not get customized treatment plans?

Founder, Hexagon


What Pfizer, GSK and Merck Could Learn from Lou Gerstner's IBM of the 1990s

Can pharma leverage data and analytics to transform healthcare?

Leon Lerman, Co-Founder


Your MRI Is Hacked: Transfer $100K in Bitcoin, Please

How hospitals can defend data and patients from ransomware attacks.

Tara Vail, Chief Operating Officer, HSTpathways


Games Payers Play: ASCs and Prior Authorizations

6 ways ambulatory surgery centers can win a high-stakes game of medical billing and collections.

Jared Kaltwasser


Alexa, Are We Going to Violate HIPAA?

AI, smart speakers bring about a Wild West of health data questions.

John Kirkley


Advancing Genomics With High-Performance Computing

How Intel and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard are trying to speed up genomic analyses.

David Hanekom, M.D.


The Promise of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

How Care.Wallet leverages the blockchain — and what this use case means for healthcare.

Joshua Claman, CEO, Rimidi


Will Remote Patient Monitoring Finally Flourish in 2020?

How providers can succeed with remote patient monitoring tools.

David Harlow, J.D., MPH


Price Transparency Executive Order Might Not Hit the Right Notes

David Harlow, J.D., MPH argues that cost data alone won’t help consumers.

David Finn, EVP of Strategic Innovation, CynergisTek


Biomedical Device Security: The Risk Is More than Security

These connected medical devices require a more comprehensive strategy if we are to protect patients.

Tony Hagen


Watson Achieves Diagnostic Concordance in Tumor Board Test

The IBM computer program remains a support tool for physicians and cannot replace the “human touch” needed to act upon the many factors of patient engagement.

Antoaneta Roussi


Natural Cycles Is the First FDA-Approved Contraception App. But It's Not for All Women

Is it OK for digital health tools to exclude vulnerable populations?

Patrick Campbell


AI-Enabled ECG Helps Identify Heart Failure

An AI-enabled ECG algorithm could speed identification and treatment of heart failure among individuals presenting with shortness of breath.

Rachel Lutz


Genomics Data Pipeline Could be Open to Hacking, Lab Finds

The software has since been patched, but the weakness could have left individuals’ genomic data vulnerable.

Jim Higgins, Founder & CEO of Solutionreach


Is a Patient Experience Officer Right for Your Organization?

Health systems should ask two questions before deciding if they need a patient experience officer, one expert suggests.

CEO of Baffle


What Healthcare Organizations Need to Consider When Moving to the Cloud

Four things healthcare organizations need to consider when moving to the cloud.

Thomas Berndorfer, CEO, Connecting Software


3 Advantages of Synchronizing and Integrating Data in Healthcare

It’s time to ditch the outdated approach to data collection, storage and usage, in favor of smarter data management.

Gautham Thomas


Who Is Responsible When AI Fails?

Healthcare can learn from self-driving cars’ fatal lessons in liability.

CEO of Solutionreach


How PRM Will Help Caregivers

Technology creates a more accessible avenue for young caregivers.

Chris Ingersoll, VP of Product Development, R1 RCM


Price Transparency: The Top Revenue Cycle Trend for 2020

Consumer-focused transparency might soon become a reality, one expert suggests.

Timothy Lantz, SVP & General Manager, Sentry Data Systems, Inc.


Actionable Analytics: A Marathon or a Sprint?

Data analytics in healthcare requires a significant investment, and the right decision can make or break your bottom line.

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