Eric Ly


How healthcare companies can operate more like tech companies | Eric Ly

Technology is an essential tool to recruit and retain valuable workers.

Tim Dowd, MBA


Requiring Vaccinations: Key Legal Considerations Driving Return to Work Policies

The responsibility to offer employees both a safe and fair place to work remains paramount, and leads to the inevitable question—what are the legalities surrounding businesses requiring vaccinations in order to return to work?

Noah Dermer


6 Tips to Cultivate a Security Culture in Your Healthcare Organization

When it comes to securing data, healthcare ranks number one — for all the wrong reasons.

David Hoover


How to align provider-to-provider communication across the care continuum | David Hoover

An effective communication tool can expedite administrative and clinical workflows and improve patient care.

Michael S. Awadalla


Are you taking the right medications? | Viewpoint

Personalized care driven by pharmacy better informs how you might respond to your meds.

Mark Dorner


Consumer testing gives laboratories chance to shine | Mark Dorner

Smaller laboratories have an opportunity to grow their businesses by offering their own end-to-end testing services, the founder of PreciseMDX says.

Mark Goettling


Why improving sleep quality requires better data — and better follow up

Wearable sleep trackers, when used correctly and consistently, have vast potential to enable individuals to measure the quality of their sleep. But that’s just the beginning.

Dan L. Dodson


7 Ways to Strengthen Information Security at Your Organization

Organizations must recognize that cybersecurity is more a journey than a destination.

Doug Mitchell, MD, MBA
Doug Mitchell, MD, MBA


Addressing Operational Challenges With a Hospitalist Staffing Partner

Solving operational challenges starts by looking at operating models and staffing from a new perspective.

Felicia Sadler


How hospitals can reduce nurse burnout and turnover | Felicia Sadler

Health systems can retain nurses by focusing on professional development across all the career stages.

Ellen Stang


The impact of racism on maternal health outcomes | Ellen Stang

America's maternal mortality rate is the worst of all developed nations. There is truly no conversation about improving maternal health without health equity.

Vince Parry


THE NEXT: Getting the Most Out of Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Relationships

Most of us on the industry side of the equation rely on key opinion leaders, or KOLs, to be our mentors. But from their point of view, they remain eternal students.

Jeff Means


Stop treating hospital accounts receivable like toothpaste | Jeff Means

There are ways to improve collections without exhausting your workforce.

Neal Singh
Neal Singh


Why Healthcare Organizations are Turning to Contract Lifecycle Management as a Critical Component of Their Digital Transformation Strategies

Healthcare procurement leaders and legal executives are discovering that today’s CLM solutions hold the keys to improved agility, resilience, and competitiveness—while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Rich Bailey


How to Mitigate the Insider Threat to Healthcare

Before the pandemic, the healthcare sector was a prime target for cybercriminals. But the rise of remote work has only increased vulnerability

Chris Luoma


Mitigating the top 5 risks of moving to a cloud ERP system | Chris Luoma

Healthcare executives need to take note of these overlooked areas in order to avoid unnecessary costs and frustration.

Bryan Dickerson


Adopting Centralized, Enterprise-wide Models for More Effective Staffing

Hospitals and health systems cannot afford to lose any more of their crucially important staff due to lack of planning, lack of insight, or lack of proactivity.

Dava Stewart


Treating Asthma with Big Data

One of the most challenging aspects of treating asthma is identifying the endotypes that underlie the condition.

Miriam Paramore, President, OptimizeRx


Empowering Patients Through Greater Price Transparency in the EHR

How embedded pharma education can help drive improved medication adherence.

Inside Digital Health


The Future of AI in Healthcare: Eric Topol's Story

Data Book examines how artificial intelligence could have helped one of the leading physician-scientists of our time.

Shane Whitlatch, General Manager, Healthcare, FairWarning


An Improved Healthcare System Is Possible with Interoperability

5 ways interoperability can benefit patients, physicians and healthcare orgs.

Kent Dicks, CEO, Life365


Healthcare and the 5G Revolution

The promise of 5G lies in its ability to connect patients, but negatives abound.

Joey Truscelli, CEO, Hello Alvin


Virtual Care Is Evolving How People Access Quality Healthcare

Telehealth can offset projected clinician shortages, bring affordable care to uninsured patients and eliminate wait times for consultation.

president of Redox


Curing What Ails the Healthcare App Marketplace

How to create an interoperable app ecosystem.

Joel Landau, Founder & Chairman, The Allure Group


Regulations Can Promote Innovation, Even in Healthcare

New laws create new problems, and entrepreneurs and innovators rise to the challenge.

Roy Schoenberg, M.D., MPH, President & CEO, American Well


Telehealth Momentum Fueling 6 Trends in 2020

Telehealth adoption and benefits will only continue to increase in the upcoming year, one American Well expert suggests.

Angie Franks, CEO, Central Logic


Sure, Technology Investments Can Be Costly but What's the Cost of Doing Nothing?

5 ways tech-driven access and visibility into a health system can drive specialty center growth.

Brian P. Dunleavy


The Data Toolkit That Can Analyze More Than 1M Cells

Why the technology is empowering researchers to analyze once-impenetrable data sets.



Locky's (Attempted) Resurgence

The notorious Locky ransomware had been thought dead, until a massive uptick in infections this August.

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