The Case for Direct-to-Employer Healthcare Solutions

September 23, 2021

Developing a direct-to-employer product means fully understanding the market. What gaps in care or access can be filled? Is the health system brand and reputation recognized in the employer community?

Healthcare Largely Support Biden COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate, Express Concerns Over Workforce Shortages

September 13, 2021

While the main healthcare organizations expressed effusive support over President Joe Biden’s new mandate for COVID-19 vaccinations among millions of healthcare workers and private-sector employees, there are concerns about the current healthcare workforce shortage.

Requiring Vaccinations: Key Legal Considerations Driving Return to Work Policies

September 06, 2021

The responsibility to offer employees both a safe and fair place to work remains paramount, and leads to the inevitable question—what are the legalities surrounding businesses requiring vaccinations in order to return to work?