Why Health Organizations Should Take Ownership of Patient Experiences

April 29, 2021
Mary Caffrey

Mary Caffrey is the Associate Editorial Director of AJMC/Managed Care for MJH Life Sciences. Her editorial responsibilities include Evidence-Based Oncology, Chief Healthcare Executive, and Managed Healthcare Executive.

Ogi Kwon, of R1 Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) outlines issues associated with patient experience that have direct impacts on revenue cycle management.

Through their patient experience platform, R1 RCM helps ensure patients have a more seamless process for scheduling services and integrating technologies, said Ogi Kwon, a manager in the regulatory team at R1 RCM's advisory and assurance department.

However, another piece of the patient experience related to price transparency is patient satisfaction or dissatisfaction with high hospital or medical bills. In this interview with Chief Healthcare Executive™ Kwon describes how it is incumbent on hospitals to take a hard look at their billing practices and bear the patient experience in mind when they decide the amount patients should pay for services.

R1 RCM is a revenue cycle management company that offers technology-driven solutions to transform health care providers' patient experience and financial performance.