Navigating the Male-Dominated Healthcare Industry

How one healthcare organization’s leader is working to bridge the gap between women and leadership roles in healthcare.

Women have an unequal share of representation in healthcare. Despite women accounting for 80% of healthcare decision making and making up 70% of the healthcare workforce, they only occupy about 35% of leadership roles and just 13% of healthcare CEOs.

But professionals like Laurie Cooke, president and CEO of Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, are working to bridge that gap.

At World Health Care Congress 2019 in Washington, D.C., Cooke told Inside Digital Health™ that women need to identify what’s needed in their organization, what they’re good at and what they’re passionate about.

“When you take those three things into consideration, it really gives you a roadmap about what you want to do that’s useful in your organization,” she said.

She also said that it is important for women to have mentors, sponsors and a broad network both internally and externally.

It’s not easy though, Cooke said. Women need to get away from their desk and really examine what’s going on in their organization. They need to understand the political climate and what’s needed to help the organization excel.

“When you put that all together, especially when you have good role models to follow, it really is a much more straightforward path and you don’t feel the bump of that glass ceiling so much,” Cooke said.

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