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Doximity Shattered Its Own Expectations on the Way to 1 Million Members


And to celebrate, the founders made a human pyramid.

When Nate Gross, MD, and his colleagues founded Doximity, they thought there’d be an enrollment ceiling. The medical social network expected, at best, it could get 60% or 70% of American doctors to use the platform.

Seven years later, they’re at 85%—and as of February, over 1 million members. According to Gross, it has the fastest adoption curve for any physician-oriented software, and it’s second only to the iPhone for overall technology adoption by physicians.

There’s less than 1 million physicians in the US, however. The difference comes from the company’s decision to allow nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physicians’ assistants, and medical students to join.

“Medicine is really a team sport,” Gross said. “The more that we can help the clinicians on the frontlines who are caring for our patients communicate with one another, the better off everyone will be.”

Of course, with that enrollment comes a certain responsibility to deliver a good service, especially in healthcare (more on that in an upcoming installment of Gross’s Healthcare Analytics News™ interview from HLTH in Las Vegas, Nevada, this week). But at the second that Doximity achieved the milestone, Gross’s focus was on his balance.

“The feeling is actually one of a when you're stepping off the curb, a little bit of imbalance,” he explained. “Mostly because one of my co-founders, Shari Buck, our head of product, has a celebratory habit of making human pyramids. So naturally, we made a human pyramid—just a small one to celebrate the 1-million-member milestone.”

Usually, he said, he has to help form the pyramid’s base. But that day, he was allowed to be the apex.

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