Emerging Trends: Migrating to the Cloud

The healthcare industry has seen a massive acceleration in the overall acceptance of cloud-based tech.

Personal health information is extremely sensitive. And healthcare organizations could have access to millions of medical records.

Now, health systems are migrating to the cloud to keep the health data secure.

At HLTH2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Luke Bonney, co-founder and CEO at Redox, discussed the emerging trend.

Editor’s note: This interview has been lightly edited for style and clarity.

Luke Bonney: We've been at this for about five years at Redox. And over those five years, we've seen a massive acceleration in the overall adoption of technology in healthcare organizations, which is really exciting.

One of the big initial shifts we saw, really in the 2017 time period, was a growing acceptance of cloud-based technology. Before that, healthcare was really primarily about on-premises software solutions. That shift, number one, is huge, because obviously the world of mobile and consumer-driven technology is dependent on the cloud.

Now what we're starting to see is the beginnings of a shift from what is predominantly a B2B technology ecosystem, to start to see more of this B2C driven approach. We've seen this in finance as a great example or retail, where major leaps occur when we see the consumer really start to take control through their own data.

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