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Podcast: Who Is the Dark Overlord?


In the inaugural episode of our podcast, Data Book, we take a look at the grisly hacker collective called the Dark Overlord. What damage has the group done, and why is it hell-bent on hacking healthcare?

Welcome to the very first episode of Data Book, a Healthcare Analytics News™ podcast. This week, we explore the shadowy hacker collective known as the Dark Overlord, which has targeted healthcare organizations large and small, crippling networks and then selling patient data on the dark net. But who is behind the group with the creepy—or cheesy, depending on your view—name? And what does the Dark Overlord’s rise say about broader cybersecurity issues plaguing medicine?

Join us, your Data Book co-hosts, Jack Murtha and Tom Castles, to explore these questions and more. We kick off the episode with the story of the Dark Overlord’s rise to prominence and then chat with freelance writer Gautham Thomas, who covered the group and its mocking brand of ransomware for an excellent HCA feature. And we’ll leave you with a few tips, tricks, and thoughts on healthcare cybersecurity.

Before you tune in, here’s a bit more about our podcast: Data Book spotlights the best stories and insights in healthcare technology. Big data and artificial intelligence are changing medicine and the world, but innovation also brings grave cybersecurity concerns. Every week, this HCA podcast explores the people and plots behind the health-tech evolution—and the solutions to its problems.

Whether you’re a healthcare executive, a tech junkie, or someone who’s simply interested in the health tech that is reshaping our minds, bodies, and society, Data Book is for you. (Learn more about the ideas and goals that are driving our team here.)

Search for Data Book on your favorite podcasting app, and be sure to subscribe. We’ll be back with a new story—a great story, in fact—every Friday morning. Also, follow HCA on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Until next time, enjoy getting to know the Dark Overlord.

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Introducing Our New Podcast, Data Book

Defending Your Data From the Dark Overlord

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Image: Ron Southwick, Chief Healthcare Executive
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