Amit Phull: Comparing the Past, Present, and Future of EHRs

Ryan Black

"It's a bittersweet relationship that you have with VistA," the VA doctor said, indicating that there were pros and cons to the original EHR system.

Amit Phull, MD, is both a US Department of Veterans Affairs hospital physician and the medical director of tech company Doximity. He knows both the current electronic health records systems and the legacy VistA system, which the VA decided this spring to abandon.

In an interview at Digital Pharma East in Philadelphia, Phull explained the pros and cons of the once-groundbreaking system to Healthcare Analytics News™. He also contrasted its capabilities with those of the current systems.

"It's a bittersweet relationship that you have with VistA," he said. "I did find myself not having as much difficulty with it as I would have anticipated."

He also looked ahead to what he though the next generation of EHR providers would look like, doubling down on the need for more physician input.