HHS awards $103M to address burnout in healthcare. See where the money is going.

January 21st 2022

The administration is offering grants to healthcare organizations to develop or expand mental health programs.

Dascena aims to stand out in artificial intelligence

January 21st 2022

The tech start-up has developed machine learning algorithms to identify sepsis and other health issues. CEO Andrew Pucher is excited for the future but knows it’s a long road.

Racial bias seen in electronic health records, study finds

January 20th 2022

Black patients were more likely to have negative descriptions. The authors suggest bias in records could exacerbate inequities in healthcare.

How COVID-19 has affected Black and Latinx healthcare workers

January 20th 2022

A new study highlighted the challenges for those working in supportive healthcare roles. Those workers need more support, the lead author says.

The vaccine mandate for healthcare workers: Questions and answers

January 19th 2022

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling allows the government to require most healthcare workers to get vaccinated. Here’s a look at the deadlines and federal guidance in the wake of the ruling.