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Understanding the Benefits of AI Chatbots


Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots can change the way consumers seek medical treatment.

There have been a lot of conversations surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots — some cases providing positive feedback and some, not so much.

One AI chatbot study revealed that patients who received timely text messages after surgery showed improvements more quickly than those who did not get instructions from the bot. But a different report found that consumers do not trust the apps for handling complex conditions and are deterred from using chatbots due to usability issues.

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Despite some individuals having issues with the technology, chatbots apps are changing the way consumers seek medical treatment. And Brian Kalis, managing director of digital health at Accenture Health, believes the technology is beneficial.

Kalis told Healthcare Analytics News™ at HIMSS that the adoption of AI chatbots in healthcare stemmed from two things: the advancements in natural language processing — which allows people to communicate with machines and technology — and the advancements of voice recognition software to recognize voices and respond.

AI chatbots have the potential to increase workflow efficiency and don’t require a lot of human labor on the backside. And the technology can be convenient and simple for patients to use, which is what they want in a chatbot.

And don’t worry, Kalis said that it is important to remember that AI chatbots are not replacing humans from the healthcare equation. The technology is simply aiding in a more efficient and convenient way for patients to communicate with their providers.

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