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The Past Week's 5 Most Intriguing Health IT Stories


Uber, virtual reality, blockchain, and a whole lot of HLTH.

hlth,uber health,blockchain hlth,hca news

Now that the week is almost over, we at Healthcare Analytics News™ have dug into our data dashboard to see which stories resonated most with readers. The results were not surprising—this past week saw the rise of the first-ever HLTH conference, in Las Vegas, Nevada, a venture capital-fueled start-up effort that has generated much buzz in the health-tech crowd. As such, most of our top health information technology stories came from our coverage there.

But our weekly rundown includes other stories, too, touching on the great potential of virtual reality, hospital tech history, and more. Remember: The first 5 articles on this list earned the most traffic throughout the week, and then we pivot to some staff picks. This is your jumping-off point to some of the best, most insightful, and actionable content in our universe.

Our Top 5 Health-Tech Stories of the Week

1. Virtual Reality Shows Promise in Treating Eating Disorders

It can be incredibly difficult to treat eating disorders, but trailblazing tech might provide an effective path forward. Researchers combed through a wealth of information on how virtual reality can be used to treat conditions like anorexia and bulimia. What they found could prove powerful when combined with cognitive behavioral therapy.

2. The Motivations and Mindset that Drive Uber’s Healthcare Maven

Uber Health earned a lot of attention when it was unveiled earlier this year. But what goes into such a disruptive, seemingly out-of-left-field project? We got the answers for you at HLTH, and they don’t disappoint. This is a must-read for those who want to learn what Uber insiders think of the endeavor.

3. Blockchain Disruption a Matter of “When, Not if”

By now, some might be a bit tired of hearing about blockchain as a healthcare cure-all. It won’t fix every problem in medicine, but these experts told an HLTH crowd that the decentralized data technology will disrupt the industry. How will it do that? Well, there are quite a few options.

4. Fitbit Says Its New Healthcare Apps Could Improve Outcomes, Costs

Wearables are on the rise, but many wearable companies are on the decline. Fitbit, the longtime leader of the space, included. Still, the versatile engine pumped out new apps this week, and its top brass thinks they can make some real change in healthcare. Do you agree?

5. Introducing HLTH, the Startup of Health Conferences

If you don’t know the HLTH story, it’s time to read on. The company behind this conference earned $5 million in venture capital and is set to shake up the health-tech meeting scene. There’s no guarantee of success, but it landed some big-name speakers. Find out why the industry needs to take HLTH seriously.

Staff Picks in Health IT

The High-Tech Hospital the World Wasn’t Ready For

Health Care International opened near Glasgow, Scotland, in 1994, with big dreams and cutting-edge tech. Just a few months later, after being mired in scandal and financial troubles, it was sold to a new owner. What can healthcare learn from the world’s “first paperless hospital,” and why haven’t you heard of this place? Listen to our podcast, Data Book, to hear firsthand anecdotes from Nick van Terheyden, MD, and related insights from Shereese Maynard, MBA.

How to Define a Model (and an Imperative) for a National Healthcare Analytics Backbone

Our expert contributor proposes a bright idea and backs it up with crucial specifications. It turns out that this technology could mean the difference between life and death. So why are we not jumping to implement it?

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