Sharecare Acquires Anil Menon on Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions


The company is focused on improving a patient's health and overall well-being by leveraging health tech.

At the end of January, Sharecare announced it acquired, an AI platform accelerating the digital transformation in healthcare.

Sharecare is a digital health and well-being platform bringing multiple different platforms together to keep data in one place, Anil Menon, executive vice president of community and urban services, said in a recent interview with Chief Healthcare Executive™. The idea is to bring all the different elements of a healthcare journey together to improve outcomes and help patients take ownership of their health. allows Sharecare to take all forms of data from different sources, integrates it on a platform, and allows the company to train the data. The platform is edge-native rather than cloud-native. Users can also provide different levels of privacy and have control over their data.

Menon said today we have sick care rather than patient care. It is important to be able to treat a person, not just a disease, and to move from healthcare to health and well-being. And instead of paying for service, it will be possible to pay for outcomes.

“ allows us to become data-driven — evidence-driven where you come back with more and more insights on how to take control of our health and provide better outcomes,” Menon said.

Mergers and acquisitions are increasing drastically in healthcare. If companies can align, it might be beneficial to work together in some capacity.

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