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PursueCare and Herren Project Partner to Improve Access to Telehealth for Substance Use Disorder


The partnership may reduce barriers to care for patients with substance use disorder.

PursueCare and Herren Project today announced a partnership to enhance the accessibility of substance use disorder treatment services.

Through the partnership, PursueCare, a telehealth addiction treatment service, and Herren Project, a national addiction nonprofit organization, will provide thousands of patients access to virtual treatment for substance use disorder using PursueCare’s telehealth platform. Patients will benefit from Herren Project’s free support, online events, and tailored resources.

"Now more than ever, people need evidence-based and accessible treatment options that meet them where they are, and help them to reduce risk of harm," Nicholas Mercadante, founder and CEO of PursueCare, said. "We are proud to partner with Herren Project and support initiatives that provide better options for treatment without judgment. We believe this will improve their program members' prospects for getting care when it is needed, no matter what barriers they may have experienced in the past.”

PursueCare’s platform helps patients get access to medication like buprenorphine, psychiatry, and counseling from licensed providers through live video on a smartphone or tablet. Patients using the application can meet with their provider whenever needed to complete their individualized recovery program at home on their own time. A majority of patients start treatment within the first 24 hours of contact and Medicaid, Medicare, and other private insurances are accepted by the company. There are also other financing options available for those without insurance, such as monthly or per-session self-pay.

Seeking professional help for substance use disorder can often come with feelings of stigma for patients. And during COVID-19, use of telehealth services has skyrocketed. Now, patients have less barriers to access care for this condition, which can improve outcomes if adhered to.

"Access to services for substance use disorder and mental health is more critical than ever. With the increase in overdose deaths nationally, we knew it was crucial to find a quality partner who could provide virtual at-home resources for our clients to have a chance at recovery," Kevin Mikolazyk, executive director of Herren Project, said.

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