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Podcast: Overcoming the Cultural Resistance to Health Tech


On this episode of Data Book: Not every doctor and health system is embracing healthcare’s tech evolution. How can medicine convince them to adapt?

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No momentous change comes without some form of cultural resistance. The old guard, unsurprisingly, tends to guard what is, well, old. And that’s true in healthcare. Right now, medicine stands at the cusp of a sweeping tech revolution, but not everyone is happy to take the leap forward.

On this episode of Data Book, we examine the forces that are trying to keep healthcare from furthering its embrace of big data, artificial intelligence, and digital health. Our guest, Kevin Campbell, MD, the CEO of the health data start-up PaceMate and a major media personality, joins us to analyze this tricky situation. He also provides solutions—paths forward for an industry that, by his estimate, is 10 years behind where it should be. (Did we mention that Campbell is a member of the Healthcare Analytics News™ Editorial Advisory Board?)

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Before we get to that interview, however, your hosts, Jack Murtha and Tom Castles, tell the story of journalism’s rocky transition to the digital age. Many problems plagued that migration, and quite a few (consolidation, for instance) are nipping at healthcare today. The news business’s hesitance—and cultural resistance—to adapt to the internet contributed, in part, to the trouble it continues to face. So, what can healthcare learn from the story of the fourth estate?

Finally, Data Book welcomes Janae Sharp, a health information technology expert who lost her husband, a physician, to suicide. Now, she tracks and tries to combat physician burnout and suicide through a project called the Sharp Index. She leaves us with The Insight, which is Data Book’s way of saying goodbye, in a sort of op-ed that explores just how difficult clinicians have it. In some cases, it seems, tech is actually hurting more than it’s helping.

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