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Podcast: Is AI Real?


Artificial intelligence is a field of boom and busts. In this episode of Data Book, we look at what it actually is and what it means for healthcare. Featuring guest Kevin Campbell, MD.

Photo: Robotic arm made for MIT AI lab, 1972. Courtesy of ArnoldReinhold.

In 1973, the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence (AI) was at a crossroads: Governments had grown skeptical of the research and were hesitant to continue pumping millions of dollars into projects with few actionable results. So, to examine what AI had done, the United Kingdom solicited a report from a famous mathematician named Sir James Lighthill.

What happened next was controlled chaos, the sort of polite brawling that only PhD's in neat suits are capable of. AI researchers erupted with anger, and possibly for good reason: It turned out that Lighthill, whose report demolished AI, did not fully understand the field he was trying to crush.

>> LISTEN: Overcoming the Cultural Resistance to Health Tech

Did he succeed in crushing it? Well, for a little. This week, Data Book tells that very story, so tune in to learn all about the Lighthill saga and what it meant for AI.

And then be sure to stay for our guest, Kevin Campbell, MD, the CEO of the health data start-up PaceMate and a major media personality. He starts by clearing up any lingering misconceptions surrounding AI, machine learning, and deep learning. Then he points to real-world applications of AI in medicine and how it might change healthcare as we know it.

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