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Podcast: The Hospital of the Future Might Be Your Home


Data Book explores the evolution of the hospital and hosts a KOL panel on data, wearables and the hospital of tomorrow.

In 1751, Pennsylvania Hospital changed medicine in the U.S. It’s not that it was extraordinarily effective or scientific or cruel — it’s just that it existed. Considered the first U.S. hospital, this almshouse operated very differently from the hospitals we know today. But what about the hospitals of tomorrow?

On this episode of Data Book, Tom Castles and I dig into the story of Pennsylvania Hospital to better understand how the past might relate to the hospital of the future. Here’s why: In the 1700s and 1800s, middle- and upper-class patients typically received care in their homes. And healthcare may well soon see a similar situation, thanks to the use of wearable technology, big data, artificial intelligence and other high-tech breakthroughs.

>> WATCH: What Does the Hospital of Tomorrow Look Like?

There’s no guarantee that these innovations will move the hospital to your home, but our expert panel argues that home care is likely to expand in the years to come. The second portion of this episode of Data Book dives deeper into why health tech could move care out of the hospital, with a conversation among David Albert, M.D., Kevin Campbell, M.D., Geeta Nayyar, M.D., and John Nosta.

Just how many of their predictions will come true, and to what extent, remains to be seen. Health tech is, after all, still very much in the incubator. Healthcare organizations, tech startups, payers, government agencies and nearly all other healthcare stakeholders still have work to do to push clinical tech forward. And that’s also true of patients.

But we must prepare for what’s to come. And, in a bizarre twist, that might require healthcare to look back to our nation’s earliest hospitals.

Hey — before you wander off, please note that Data Book is taking off for a few weeks to celebrate the holiday season. We’ll return on Friday, Jan. 11 with more of the health-tech stories and insights that you love.

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