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PercayAI Launches, Offers AI Software to Accelerate Drug Development


New AI-enabled technologies can improve patient outcomes.


Many health tech startups are focused on artificial intelligence (AI) — and rightfully so. The technology can improve human diagnoses, augment processes and improve patient outcomes.

Another AI company, PercayAI, entered the ring today.

Launched by Kingdom Capital with the help of the Washington University School of Medicine, the augmented intelligence company aims to help researchers develop new drugs more quickly and successfully.

The Genome Technology Access Center (GTAC) at the McDonnell Genome Institute at Washington University School of Medicine helped co-develop PercayAI’s first software product, CompBio. The software combines contextual language processing and AI to mimic the thought process of biological science experts. CompBio identifies relationships within complex, -omic and multi-omic biological data sets.

“Scaling tasks well beyond that of normal human limitations, the power and potential of this augmented intelligence system arises from pairing humans and machines, so that the human — a drug researchers in this case — is learning from the machine and, at the same time, the machine is learning from the human. We’re leveraging this in CompBio to allow researchers to explore the biological landscape and rapidly uncover insights at every stage of the drug (research and development) process.” - Richard Head, M.S., professor and director of GTAC at Washington University School of Medicine.

With an interactive 3D format, PercayAI touts that researchers can use CompBio to view all the information specific to their biological paradigm. The software could help scientists have a better understanding of the biology driving their research.

PercayAI has the potential to help accelerate drug discovery which could lead to new medicines and better patient outcomes faster, said Scott Glover, MBA, President Health and Medical sector.

“With this software, researchers can organize and prioritize relevant data in ways that aren’t possible with other tools, improving the speed, cost and success rate of diagnostic and drug development,” said Preston Keller, Ph.D., director and chief commercial officer at PercayAI. “PercayAI is committed to helping researchers enhance patients’ quality of life, providing them with innovative technological solutions that advance the drug development process.”

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