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Our Top 5 Health-Tech Finance Stories of 2017


From new partnerships to big paydays, this list focuses on start-ups and mega-companies alike.

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Library of Congress, Wikimedia Commons

Money likes to move. That is true in healthcare and Silicon Valley, and it is strikingly so at the intersection of the 2 industries. The past year drove that point home—over and over and over again.

But the big-money news stories were not the only ones to grab the attention of Healthcare Analytics News™ readers in 2017. In fact, business pieces on how to head into a deal, the history of successful companies, and the state of the industry drew plenty of interest. This rundown features journalism from each side of the coin.

Below are 5 of HCA’s best stories from our finance, costs, and revenues vertical. If you are hungry for more, check out similar work here. And tweet us if we missed anything.

What to Consider Before Partnering with a Young Tech Company. Get the gist from a Takeda Pharmaceuticals executive who learned her lesson the hard way. It is important for healthcare organizations to join forces with up-and-coming innovators, but it is equally important to understand the company, its revenue sources, and what it does and does not know. Here, Takeda offers a rubric that can help.

CVS's Long March from Convenience Store to Healthcare Giant. When the company announced its merger with Aetna in December, it marked yet another step in the long evolution of CVS. The process has wrought huge changes, many of which helped to make the once-humble pharmacy into a money machine. To understand what is happening now and what might occur next, you must know CVS’s past.

The Billions of Dollars Spent on Measuring Quality. Nilay Shah, PhD, is a deputy director of research at an arm of Mayo Clinic. “Billions and billions of dollars are spent on just measuring quality that could be used for actually delivering care,” he says. But why?

CRISPR Could Yield $25B in Revenues by 2030. The groundbreaking gene-editing technology is charming scrappy start-ups and entrenched enterprises alike. It’s no wonder: Big paydays await them—some of them, that is. First, the industry is likely to see more consolidations, and few major moves will take place until a legal battle is settled.

The Telehealth Company That’s Charming Wall Street. Teladoc, the 3100-member remote healthcare network, had a wild run on the stock market around Thanksgiving. In fact, its stock price skyrocketed by more than 24% in just 1 week, a number that dazzled analysts. And many say the future looks even brighter for TDOC, its ticker symbol.

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