Ogi Kwon on the Impact of Revenue Cycle Management on Patient Experience

April 22, 2021
Mary Caffrey

Mary Caffrey is the Associate Editorial Director of AJMC/Managed Care for MJH Life Sciences. Her editorial responsibilities include Evidence-Based Oncology, Chief Healthcare Executive, and Managed Healthcare Executive.

Ogi Kwon, of R1 Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) describes how revenue cycle processes are interrelated.

R1 RCM provides revenue cycle management services so providers can better focus on what matters— taking care of patients, said Ogi Kwon, a manager in the regulatory team at R1 RCM's advisory and assurance department. Issues that happen at the end of the revenue cycle process or near the end often could be prevented or mitigated by implementing processes early on, Kwon explained in an interview with Chief Healthcare Executive™.