Ogi Kwon Discusses CMS's Price Transparency Rule, Consumerization of Health Care

Ogi Kwon, of R1 Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) speaks on the effectiveness of CMS' price transparency requirements and offers insights into the future of consumerization of health care.

Four months have passed since the implementation of CMS's price transparency requirements for hospitals. To gain insights into the effectiveness of these rules, Chief Healthcare Executive™ spoke with Ogi Kwon, a manager in the regulatory team at R1 RCM's advisory and assurance department.

While some hospitals have gone above and beyond what CMS has asked for, others have failed to do so. In this interview, Kwon discusses whether consumers are using the information gathered in meaningful ways, and offers comments on the future of the consumerization of health care.

R1 RCM is a revenue cycle management company that offers technology-driven solutions to transform health care providers' patient experience and financial performance.