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How Tech Plays a Role in the Future of Healthcare


From AI to virtual care to data sharing, these three experts have very differing views on what the future of healthcare will look like.

The landscape of healthcare is evolving — that’s no new story. But the future of healthcare looks different to many health experts.

At HIMSS, Healthcare Analytics News™ asked several healthcare and technology leaders to share their opinions about what the future of the industry looks like to them and what tools have the promise to change the landscape even more in the years to come.

And we got a plethora of responses.

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For John Nosta, an innovation theorist focused on the convergence of technology in medicine, technology will continue to serve as a driver to preventing diseases. The use of artificial intelligence combined with imaging can now find things that might not seem clinically obvious. This can lead to earlier detection and possible prevention of conditions.

Nosta also believes that a big area of promise in the future is in stem cells and regenerative medicine to extend and expand life.

While Nosta told Healthcare Analytics News™ about the potential for regenerative medicine in the future, Geeta Nayyar, M.D., MBA, chief healthcare and innovation officer, recognized the retail giants moving further into the industry.

Patient access is one of the glaring fundamental problems in healthcare and there is a supply and demand issue — there are simply not enough nurses, doctors and specialists to be able to treat all of the patients.

It is possible for patients to get virtual care from Walmart or Amazon or CVS for conditions like the common cold or a urinary tract infection.

Nayyar said that down the road, we will see more people paying the transactional relationship in medicine.

Russell Leftwich, M.D., senior clinical advisor for interoperability at InterSystems talked about data sharing.

Healthcare is already moving toward decentralized data distribution. Data that used to be found in just one system are now found in many.

Now, we need a new paradigm for how we get the data we need to take care of individuals and specific populations of individuals.

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