Joshua Landy, MD: Why He's Bullish on Machine Learning


The Figure 1 CMO is optimistic, but he does not expect "fully functional robot doctors wheeling around the hospital diagnosing patients."

“If we constrain what we expect our AI and machine learning technologies to do, we can find patterns,” Joshua Landy, MD, told Healthcare Analytics News™ when asked what the next big thing in health tech would be.

Despite not expecting “fully functional robot doctors wheeling around the hospital diagnosing patients,” Landy said he does see a very strong future for machine learning technologies in the areas of imaging and pattern recognition.

The Figure 1 chief medical officer sees the examination of electrocardiograms, pulmonary function loops, ventilator diagrams, and numerical outputs for blood pressure or blood sugar measurement being offloaded to mechanical processes sooner rather than later.

The most important things, he indicated, are realism and constraint of the technology. Machine learning algorithms will “assist” physicians in their work, not replace them: Landy is bullish on the potential.

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