John Dalton, MD: Avoiding Data Graveyards

Why it might be smart for some healthcare companies to build their own data warehouses.

Legacy electronic health records are "where data goes to die," according to John Dalton, MD.

Dalton is the chief quality officer of PhyMed, a data-driven healthcare group based in Nashville, Tennessee. He stopped by Healthcare Analytics News™ this week and discussed the disconnect between some medical practices and their EHR vendors.

"Traditionally, with EHRs, you have to report through their company," he said. "If I want a report from an EHR where I practice, I have to go to that company's report writers, and they'll think about it for 6 months and maybe give me a turnaround, after which I have lost track of what my question was."

Physicians, he said, want a faster turnaround. As a result, capable practices are often forced to build their own data infrastructure and analytics methods rather than rely on the work of third-party vendors.