How health systems can use technology to evolve: Interview with Hadi Chaudhry of CareCloud


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In a spirited conversation, he talks about the ways health systems, hospitals and leaders can find greater efficiencies and profitability.

The healthcare industry is undergoing a technological revolution.

Hadi Chaudhry, the CEO of CareCloud, shares some of his insights in this conversation. CareCloud offers electronic health records, medical billing services, and patient engagement solutions.

In a candid discussion, Chaudhry discusses AI, intelligent automation, and tech-enabled revenue cycle management. He shares his thoughts on how hospitals and healthcare organizations can improve their operational efficiencies while maintaining high-quality patient care.

He also offers advice for healthcare leaders, including aspiring entrepreneurs.

The future of healthcare, he says, “is more and more towards automation, technology, the leveraging of AI and machine learning.”

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