Data Book podcast: Justin Norden talks about ChatGPT and AI in healthcare


Justin teaches about digital health at Stanford Medicine and is a partner at GSR Ventures. He talks about the potential of ChatGPT, the ethical questions, and how AI will transform the industry.

In our latest episode of the Data Book podcast, Justin Norden talks about the emergence of ChatGPT and what it means for healthcare.

Justin Norden

Justin Norden

Norden is a physician who teaches about digital health at Stanford Medicine. He’s also a partner at GSR Ventures, an investment firm focusing on early stage digital health companies. In this conversation, he talks about how AI is going to eventually touch every part of the healthcare journey.

Growing up in a family of physicians, he graduated from Stanford University School of Medicine. He became fascinated with the idea of merging technology and healthcare. He helped start the Stanford Center for Digital Health.

As Norden says, “You can’t spend that long in Silicon Valley without starting a few companies of your own.” He was CEO and co-founder of Trustworthy AI, which was acquired by Waymo, Google’s self-driving vehicle company. He also worked on the healthcare team at Apple. He’s been at GSR Ventures for nearly four years.

ChatGPT could be the fastest-growing consumer technology project ever, Norden says.

When asked about ChatGPT’s implication for healthcare, Norden says, “That is the million, if not billion dollar question.”

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