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Chief Healthcare Executive's top podcasts of 2021


These were CHE's most popular podcasts over the past year. Check out these fascinating conversations.

Over the course of the past year, Chief Healthcare Executive’s podcasts featured bright minds talking about hot topics in the industry.

CHE has produced two podcast series in the past year: Data Book, which focuses on technology and the future of healthcare, and Healthy Bottom Line, a monthly podcast focused on healthcare policy and costs.

These were the five most popular podcasts over the past year. Check out these provocative and productive discussions in these podcasts. Look for more great conversations in CHE podcasts in 2022.

This is the second installment of a six-day series looking back at CHE's most popular features of 2021. The series runs through Dec. 31.

5. How remote patient monitoring can improve chronic disease management

On this episode of Data Book, Chief Healthcare Executive’s Skylar Jeremias spoke with Tanvi Abbhi and Nora Zetsche, co-founders of Veta Health, a remote patient monitoring platform designed to improve disease management capabilities for patients with chronic diseases.

They discussed how this platform works and how it can impact conditions for patients and providers. They also talked about the pandemic’s effect on RPM utilization and where they see this technology going in the future.

Listen to the podcast

4. Home dialysis machines and cloud computing with Leslie Trigg

On this episode of Data Book, Chief Healthcare Executive’s Skylar Jeremias spoke with Leslie Trigg, CEO of Outset, the creator of Tablo, a home-based dialysis machine that incorporates cloud-computing technology.

Trigg discussed how these machines work, why they would be attractive to patients, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the demand for these machines. Trigg also talked about the potential for home dialysis machines to be eligible for reimbursement and what the future looks like for this technology.

Listen to the podcast

3. The trouble with social determinant of health programs and the secret to improving them

In this episode of Healthy Bottom Line, Chief Executive Healthcare spoke with Erica Coletti, CEO of the Alliance for Better Health.

Coletti discussed some of the problems associated with programs addressing social determinants of health and how the Alliance’s social Independent Practice Association model can help tackle these issues. She also talked about the financial benefits hospitals and health systems can see when implementing policy changes that seek to improve those programs.

Listen to the podcast

2. Match-made in hospitals: Patient-matching technology can improve healthcare

In this episode of Data Book, Skylar Jeremias spoke with Clay Ritchey, CEO of Verato, a next-generation patient-matching solution for healthcare, about how patient-matching technology can alleviate stress for providers and improve patient care. Ritchey talked about the financial benefits this technology can have for hospitals and health systems, as well as potential data privacy concerns.

Listen to the podcast

1. The adoption of healthcare tech in the age of COVID-19 with Dr. Kavey Safavi

This Data Book podcast takes the honor as CHE's most popular podcast of 2021.

Skylar Jeremias spoke with Kaveh Safavi, global health lead of Accenture Health, about some of the results from Accenture’s 2021 Digital Health Tech Vision Report. Safavi talked about how the COVID-19 pandemic has forced healthcare organizations to adopt new technologies.

He also discussed how these technologies are influencing patient care and the role that they can play in a post-pandemic world.

Listen to the podcast

Coming tomorrow: CHE's five most popular stories on product solutions

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