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Asparia Launches Chatbot Embedded in EHRs


This could reduce administrative burden and improve patient satisfaction.


Administrative tasks often contribute greatly to physician burnout. But automating these processes can give physicians more time to spend with their patients and potentially improve outcomes.

Asparia today announced that its intelligent chatbot can be embedded into electronic health records (EHRs) to automate administrative tasks to improve consistency and reduce staff burden.

The platform also features two-way communication to improve patient adherence to appointments, check-ups and preventive screenings. The artificial intelligence chatbots talk to patients via texting and phone calls.

“Automating these activities with smart technology is a major step forward in improving patient care and alleviating the issues in patient access,” said Amanda Heidemann, M.D., from CMIO Services. “Asparia will enable healthcare delivery organizations to achieve higher efficiency and reach quality and population health goals.”

While automation can increase adherence to patient treatment plans and improve patient outcomes, it also boosts efficiency and financial performance, Asparia said.

Health and hospital systems, medical groups and Federally Qualified Health Centers currently use Asparia. The company claimed these healthcare delivery organizations reported increases in patient response and engagement, lower no-show rates and higher consistency and adherence to preventive care check-ups.

Response rates to notifications about vaccines went from 5 to 70% at a medical group in Arizona, said Brett Swanson, M.D., a primary care physician from Scottsdale, Arizona.

The chatbot can be embedded in EHR systems such as Epic, Athenahealth, NextGen, Centricity and DrChrono.

“Asparia closes the crucial gap that exists today in patient management — the disconnect between recommended care as documented in the EHR, and the patient outside of the exam room,” said Kamal Anand, MBA, CEO and co-found of Asparia.

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