AI Is Changing the Role of the Physician

The tech has already outperformed clinicians in various studies.

Many people fear artificial intelligence (AI) because they believe the technology has the potential to replace human beings for many things. In the healthcare industry, some question if AI will replace the radiologist.

Recent studies have shown that AI has served as an important tool for healthcare. It has been determined that AI can reduce the time needed to process abnormal chest X-rays and that machine learning tools outperformed clinicians in identifying infants with sepsis and predicted post-cardiothoracic surgery complications better than the clinical reference tool.

According to Gabriel Mohanna, director of Data Science at Clarity Insights, “Radiologists will not be replaced by AI… AI will enhance their work.”

For John Nosta, an innovation theorist focusing on the convergence of technology in medicine, AI will replace a lot of things. And the role of the physician is going to be fundamentally changed, Nosta told Inside Digital Health™ at HIMSS 2019.

With the influx of health data, there is too much clinical information for physicians to keep track of. But that’s not the case for analytics. Analytics can functionally replace the physician, Nosta said.

And from Nosta’s point of view, compassionate, humanistic and informed AI will begin to recreate a clinical dynamic that is better than the clinician.

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