Podcast: Match Made in Hospitals — Patient-Matching Technology Can Improve Healthcare

September 21st 2021

Clay Ritchey, CEO of Verato, highlights the administrative and financial benefits that patient-matching technology can provide hospitals and health systems, as well as how it can improve the patient experience.

Hospitals Struggled to Share Electronic Health Information With Public Health Agencies in 2019

September 20th 2021

A majority of hospitals had challenges related to public health reporting in 2019 with half reporting a lack of capacity to electronically exchange information with public health agencies.

MED MOVES: Yale New Haven CEO Retires After 43 Years With Organization, MSK Has a New Chief Nurse Executive, and More

September 18th 2021

Yale New Haven Health's CEO is retiring after 43 years with the organization, Memorial Sloan Kettering has a new chief nurse executive after two decades and more executive moves and appointments.

Craig Newman: How Technology Can Reduce Administrative Burden for Physicians

September 17th 2021

Craig Newman, the chief strategy officer at HealthChannels for ScribeAmerica, discusses how technology can be used to help reduce the amount of time and energy providers spend doing administrative tasks.

Does Telemedicine for Diagnosis Have a Place in Healthcare?

September 16th 2021

Telemedicine for diagnosis scaled up dramatically as a result of the pandemic, but there isn’t much known about the impact on diagnostic quality and safety.