MED MOVES: Retirements at Baptist Health South Florida, Johns Hopkins

June 19th 2021

The wave of post-pandemic retirements continues.

Supreme Court Upholds ACA, Says States Lacked Standing

June 17th 2021

For the third time, an increasingly conservative court left intact the law’s protections that require coverage for preexisting conditions, created Medicaid expansion, promote health screenings and preventive care, and launched novel, value-based payment strategies within the agency that manages Medicare and Medicaid.

Launching the Right Mobile Strategy for a Post-COVID Environment

June 16th 2021

Half of consumers say a bad digital experience can ruin their entire experience with a provider, while two out of five say a good digital experience has a major influence on their perception of a provider.

Podcast: Home Dialysis Machines and Cloud-Computing with Leslie Trigg

June 15th 2021

Leslie Trigg, CEO of Outset, discusses how imbedded cloud-computing technology in home dialysis machines can improve quality of care for patients, and how the pandemic has boosted demand for these machines.

Key Factors to Drive Healthcare Engagement for Lasting Behavioral Change

June 14th 2021

In an era when patient communication channels have moved online, how can providers ensure that digital health and behavior modification tools drive healthcare engagement in a way that promotes meaningful, long-lasting, and positive outcomes?