After Supreme Court win, hospitals press for 340B payments ‘without delay’

July 6th 2022

The high court ruled that Medicare improperly reduced reimbursements in the federal drug discount program. Hospitals are pushing the government to cough up the money.

Mayo Clinic, Sheba Medical Center team up on healthcare technology

July 6th 2022

The two organizations announced a partnership aimed to develop cutting-edge innovations that can improve healthcare around the globe.

Texas healthcare leaders grapple with end of abortion services

July 5th 2022

Gary Floyd, the head of the Texas Medical Association, said his group aims to do all it can to support doctors. The organization is still analyzing what doctors can do under the state’s law.

Vaping injuries raise risk of respiratory problems and other issues, study finds

July 5th 2022

Patients with E-cigarette or vaping associated lung injury found to have a high risk of developing chronic issues that persist for a year or more.

Many Americans are living longer, but gaps are seen in some groups

July 4th 2022

Some members of minority groups had increases in life expectancy, but wide differences are seen among Americans. The COVID-19 pandemic may have erased those gains.