Many Americans are living longer, but gaps are seen in some groups

July 4th 2022

Some members of minority groups had increases in life expectancy, but wide differences are seen among Americans. The COVID-19 pandemic may have erased those gains.

Measuring patient experience: Evaluating healthcare quality with modern tech | Inga Shugalo

July 3rd 2022

Automated solutions help measure the patient experience efficiently, gain essential insight into what patients think, and allow providers to act on that knowledge.

MED MOVES: Memorial Sloan Kettering announces new CEO, and more

July 2nd 2022

In other news, Cleveland Clinic names a new cancer center director, Sentara Healthcare chooses a new president, and other leaders take new roles.

CMS plans new designation of ‘Rural Emergency Hospitals’

July 1st 2022

The Biden administration is touting it as a lifeline to help save smaller providers. More than 130 rural hospitals have shut their doors since 2010.

Supreme Court ruling on EPA authority carries ramifications for public health

July 1st 2022

The American Medical Association said the court’s decision improperly curbs efforts to fight climate change and harms the public. More broadly, some suggest it could limit the scope of all federal agencies.