Dr. Edmondo Robinson Outlines Hospital Readiness to Receive Large Amounts of Patient Data

October 15th 2021

Hospitals and health systems are largely not equipped to handle all the patient data they could receive and turn it into actionable information, explained Edmondo Robinson, MD, MBA, MS, FACP, senior vice president and chief digital officer at Moffitt Cancer Center.

Polishing the Stone: Healthcare Innovation and Technology

October 14th 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven healthcare organizations, even in a crisis, need to tirelessly forge ahead with innovation to be successful. Senior-level healthcare executives need to follow the macro-trends driving the industry forward.

Public Quality Reporting Associated With Quality Improvement in Hospitals

October 13th 2021

Hospitals receiving publicly reported negative feedback improved their electronic health record medication safety.

Podcast: Moving Healthier With the OneStep App

October 12th 2021

Tomer Shussman and Hila Glick of OneStep, a physical therapy app, discussed the challenges with traditional physical therapy, how OneStep improves the proportion of patients who complete their therapy, and more.

Hospitals Are Ill-Equipped to Handle an Increase in Patients With Addiction in EDs

October 12th 2021

The number of patients presenting in the emergency department (ED) with alcohol and substance use disorders is on the rise, but hospitals are not equipped to treat addiction.