Survey Highlights Pandemic’s Toll on Health System Employees’ Career Development, Childcare Needs

April 9th 2021

Survey responses illustrate the impact COVID-19 has had on health system employees, including considerations of leaving the workforce and concerns about childcare.

Can Health Professional Shortage Areas Be Alleviated Through Telehealth?

April 8th 2021

As a first world country known for access to top-rate medical services, how does the United States find itself with a quarter of the population experiencing distinct dislocation of critical care services?

Digital Health Passes: Useful, if Equitable, JAMA Authors Say

April 8th 2021

Known by different names around the globe, from vaccine passports or green passes, various digital certificates confirm vaccination and negative SARS-CoV-2 test status through “confidential data transfers."

Illinois Law Invests $150 Million to Tackle Health Care Disparities

April 7th 2021

A new bipartisan law signed by Illinois' governor aims to tackle health disparities seen in the state's most vulnerable populations.

Pandemic Exacts Huge Toll on Healthcare Workers, Survey Finds

April 6th 2021

With less than half of the workers having been vaccinated and some suffering long-term effects from the stress of the past year, it’s clear from the survey results that the effects of the pandemic will be with health workers for months or years to come.